How To Share WiFi Password From iPhone To Android?

Suppose your friend or guest uses android or another OS and he needs an internet connection, but you are an iPhone user. To share a Wi-Fi connection from the iPhone to android is something critical. iOS 11 comes with excellent features, now anyone can easily share Wi-Fi passwords from iPhone to android. But now there is nothing to worry about this because if follow some steps you can easily share password iPhone to android.

If you can make a QR code through one simple app then others can connect with the iPhone Wi-Fi by your provided QR code. With the advantage of making QR code receiver can connect it with one tap and for next time you can save the network.

Using a QR code is faster than using applications such Wi-Fi feature, which allows you to share passwords from your iPhone’s. Nowadays you may see that people do copy and paste their passwords into their Wi-Fi settings. The QR code method also hides your network’s password and that’s how you can confirm that your password is not copied by others.

Step 1: Find Your SSID (Wi-Fi Network Name)

Find Your SSID

Step 2: Install Visual Codes

· Install Visual Codes for free from the App Store

Install Visual Codes

Step 3: Create Your QR Code

Now visual code application will show a screen to set up networks’ names, passwords, and security. That name is SSID and creates a strong password and it will be your device's Wi-Fi password. Every device has a default security option that is “WPA” and this is always the correct option. If your network is using WEP or nothing at all, you need to strengthen the security!

You can label this QR code under it. The title has no effect on how the code looks or functions, but it might assist you in identifying it if you produce a number of distinct codes, such as ones for “Home” or “Work.”

It is really important to know, that information you gave is correct. Because the app doesn’t identify the information you provide that’s correct or not, only you know this information. Remember next time it is necessary to give the correct information and keep remember. After fill-up, all the information tap “Create Code” at the bottom. A screen will pop up, where you’ll tap “Create Code” again to confirm.

Step 4: Make Your QR Code Easily Retrievable

Alternatively, and much better, simply ask Siri to open the QR code. This isn’t enabled by default, so from the Visual Codes panel, touch on “Settings” in the upper right. Then, under the Siri heading, press “Pinned Code,” press the code you wish to be your default code, allow Siri access with “OK” (if not previously done), then return to “Settings” and press “Done” to complete.

Step 5: Give Your Friends Your Wi-Fi Login

If your friend uses an iPhone but can’t use Apple’s “Share my Wi-Fi” features for any reason. Then alternative way so easy. Just say them to open up their camera and then scan the QR code. After the scan, the QR code, will pop up one notification and asking them if they want to join your network. Now touch the “Join” button and they will be connected to your network.

If your friend using an android device, to the scan QR code android device need a QR code scanner app. We suggest you use a QR Code Reader and Scanner developed by Kaspersky Lab. After scan, with the QR code, your friend can easily connect to your Wi-Fi.

To make this system super-fast, send this QR code to the computer and print out the QR code. After printing out the code, put this QR code on the wall. Then anyone can easily connect to your network.

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